• Project Title:
  • National Operational Assessment in Customer Service and Delivery Operations
  • Start Date:
  • Monday, October 22, 2018
  • Estimated Report Release Date:
  • July 2019

Postal Service management attempts to improve delivery performance and customer satisfaction with investments in innovations to keep pace in a rapidly evolving business environment — all while facing significant financial burdens due to a highly competitive marketplace and the constraints of the current business model.

Postal employees are delivering fewer pieces of mail to a growing number of addresses, as new households and businesses are added to the delivery network each year. The changing mail mix is also impacting costs as package volume increases. Delivering packages requires significantly more work than letters and flats, which are decreasing. The increasing package volumes can result in an increase in work hours.

  • Do you think the Postal Service is effectively positioned to meet the challenges presented by a changing competitive marketplace? 
  • Are Postal Service operations equipped with the necessary resources to compete in the growing package delivery market?
  • What changes should the Postal Service pursue to ensure its success as a key provider of package delivery service?

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  • anon

    USPS needs to position itself around quality not quantity. A letter can make someone feel special still, but having an abundance of paper mail hurts the environment through carbon production. If we focused on customer relations and sale of certified mail that ISNT lost unapologetically, maybe this service will have a chance at staying alive.

    Dec 21, 2018
  • anon

    It boils down to this: Is management willing and ready to hire the necessary people to handle the new influx of parcels? Is management willing and ready to pay for the necessary overtime (including early overtime needed before dispatch) to handle the day-to-day fluctuations in the number of parcels? And are our engineers capable of modifying the design of the APBS (and whatever the newer, larger machines are called) so that they will scan all six sides of a package, and so that mis-sent parcels dwindle in numbers? These three questions must be answered affirmatively, or we may as well give up now.

    Dec 21, 2018
  • anon

    As of now I’ve lost all faith in the postal service . I’ve got a package now that was ordered November 23 was suppose to be here at my house December 15 its from Santa for my 8 year old daughter so far it’s sent everywhere but here and re sent when it showed up where it wasn’t even suppose to go just got off the phone with the post office in Chattanooga because the last tracking info I got was Dec 15 and the lady today on the phone told me they have no idea of where it could be and can’t find it on their computers . So if they do find it my husbands gonna go pick it up two hours away from us because the lady at the post office said she was afraid IF they found it at the Chattanooga distribution center she don’t wanna put it back in the mail . The lady I talked with today was very helpful and tried hard to find it and find someone who could. Waiting on a call from the lady she emailed this afternoon from the Chattanooga distribution center to hopefully tell me they have it so he can go get it .

    Dec 21, 2018
  • anon

    In my city, we have plenty of apartment complexes with sparse parcel delivery accommodations like a parcel locker system or a main leasing office to take in parcels to a secure location. One complex with close to 100 residents has 5 lockers for parcels and several are tied up for days because residents don't get their mail daily. The new apt buildings have parcel lockers systems in place but they are shared by several courier services and run out of space quickly. There simply aren't enough lockers to accommodate the daily parcel deliveries. When we can't leave a parcel at the door or in a locker, it becomes a considerable time consumer because we have to locate the correct apartment in a large complex and attempt the delivery and then leave notice which can take several minutes per parcel. Perhaps in the future there can be a per capita rule that requires a certain number of parcel lockers for multi dwelling units and a time limit for unclaimed parcels to be returned to free up the limited resources. Each label could have a deliver by date and that could be used to indicate the length of time a parcel has been occupying a locker. Perhaps carriers could write the delivery date before placing the parcel in the locker. Perhaps we could offer a rebate incentive for a fixed time period to get older properties to improve their mailboxes and install parcel lockers. The cost to underwrite such a program would likely be offset in the long term when carriers can quickly deliver to secure and larger mailboxes and take less time on their route. It seems like there's a choice to be made between old out date equipment (LLVs and FFVs) and carriers using more time aka OT to deliver parcels vs. The right sized vehicles, mailboxes and parcel lockers that keep everything secure and make quick work of delivering. The cost to do nothing and do something is great on both sides but one is an improvement that will prove to be cost effective years down the road when parcel thefts are reduced and OT is reduced.

    Dec 20, 2018
  • anon

    I am unable to get my mail once again.. I have a medical scrip that it is to be delivered at the front door and once again I have been days not getting any mail they just drive by and never even look over or stop. This is why it cost me more money to get my medication because home delivery I would never get it on time. I am getting tired of having to send this in over and over in order for me to have my mail delivered correctly only for a few days.

    Dec 20, 2018

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