• Project Title:
  • Assessing Supply Management Control Environment
  • Start Date:
  • Thursday, November 8, 2018
  • Estimated Report Release Date:
  • May 2019

The term “control environment” refers to an entity’s corporate culture, showing how much the entity’s leaders value ethical behavior and internal control. The Postal Service is committed to building a vibrant future of delivering quality products and services to the American public. To do so, USPS must continually assess its environment and develop strategies to provide timely, flexible, lean, and sustainable supply chain solutions. Supply Management’s (SM) Three-Year Strategic Plan provides insight that creates opportunities for long-term results in four key areas: Strategy, People and Structure, Process, and Technology. 

People and Structure focuses on strengthening the workforce and organizational performance, and includes initiatives to enhance employee development and talent management. These initiatives will ensure that employees have the knowledge, skills, abilities, and tools needed to achieve high levels of performance through recruiting, succession planning, leadership training, career development, and rotational assignments. SM has a defined training curriculum to ensure the workforce is knowledgeable and skilled enough to perform their duties. Trainings are included based on the new competency model.

  • How should the Postal Service ensure its contracting personnel have the knowledge, skills, abilities, and tools needed to successfully complete tasks?
  • What management oversight is needed to ensure contracting personnel are properly executing contracting requirements?
  • How should the Postal Service ensure that contracting personnel properly manage their span of control?

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  • anon

    lost package from zip 33054

    Feb 08, 2019
  • anon

    Training and communication, of which we contractors receive none of currently. Not once in my 23 years have I been offered any training on procedures or equipment. Communications from management are rare and never include positive feedback when they do occur. It’s as if they have forgot that we all play for the same team!

    Feb 04, 2019
  • anon

    “includes initiatives to enhance employee development and talent management.” How to improve this? Make it obvious your trying. Keeping it a secret does not work.

    Feb 02, 2019
  • anon

    Why aren't contracts subject to GAO or independent review when there is protest?

    Feb 01, 2019
  • anon

    My name is Russell Williams, senior account executive at M. Joseph Medical, a national Prescription Benefit Manager (PBM) and ancillary service/product provider specific to workers' compensation claims. After reading USPS employee (past and present) entries on the USPS website, I believe a viable way to save, on USPS' scale, tens of millions of dollars per year, is to target workers' compensation Rx expenditures with a cost-effective, transparent PBM partner and effective drug utilization reviews/recommendations. The website stated there are former employees in their twilight years still receiving WC benefits. National data indicates when WC claims reach 9+ years old, the prescription medication spend accounts for 48%+ of the claim cost year-after-year. When the majority of elders participating in polypharmacy (taking multiple medications concurrently) are referred back to the physician to be prescribed additional medications due to current medication side effects, the problems (financially and medically) typically worsen. With Rx costs only expected to continue rising in excess of the Consumer Price Index, a long term control over USPS expenditures in medical costs seems like a viable route. Please reach out if I can answer any questions. Sincerely, Russell Williams Senior Account Executive M. Joseph Medical

    Feb 01, 2019
  • anon

    First they need to revamp how they are allowed to manage at local levels, each office is different in many aspects. Why do the furthest Cities get the mail later? Get rid of the earned hour programs that are not at all right. Causing Overtime, grievances, abuse of the 60 hour work limit, So many grievances, if USPS agrees to contracts why aren't they allowed to manage by the contracts? Seriously a clerk who was sick made 10,000.00 dollars, alone in grievance money last year, times that to other clerks. We could of hired more, we constantly have vacant jobs? We are suppose to have some PSE's converted to Full time, but we can't because the district is at Cap. Does this make sense? convert into the vacant jobs the crafts prove through grievances we need then the district could even hire new employees to be the flexible help. Most of us love our job, but very disappointed in the way its ran, as well as the way Employees are treated. Customers pay to get delivery in a Post Office but its the last thing to get up each day?? Why are they allowed to run the People Service into the ground? Have we gotten so big, that offices are left to totally be ran into the ground? We need the ability to staff to the needs of the service, but they call us lazy & slow. We have some bad apples in every craft, but we also have a very large tree. Restrictions aren't even paid attention to, told the Postmaster I have a restriction of sitting 3 hours through out the day, he didn't care that I didn't get breaks or sit down, he said I have restrictions too. I had them because it was OWCP. I had to bid off the job. Our offices are the worst we have ever seen them, this is from Employees who have worked 20 to 35 years. Please Audit our District CO/WY.

    Feb 01, 2019

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