• Project Title:
  • Surface Visibility Scanning
  • Start Date:
  • Tuesday, February 21, 2017
  • Estimated Report Release Date:
  • August 2017

In fiscal year 2016, the Postal Service spent about $4.2 billion on surface transportation. The Postal Service’s Scanning Visibility (SV) program is used to track mail within the surface transportation network. Postal Service personnel scan the mail about 6 times, from preparing it for shipment to arrival at destination.

The SV program has a 100 percent scanning goal in order to maximize the benefits of scanning for customers and the Postal Service. The scanning information is used to determine the location of the mail while being transported and helps optimize the Postal Service’s surface transportation network.

Our objective is to determine SV scan compliance at Postal Service processing and distribution centers (P&DCs) in the Western area.

  • How successful is the SV program in achieving its goals of 100 percent product visibility for customers and assisting in the optimization of the surface transportation network?
  • How could the SV scanning process be improved?

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  • anon

    i put my mail out in the morning on 04/07/2017 & 04/08/2017 but it was not picked up. i tried to do this on another site but all it did was run me around in circles

    Apr 07, 2017
  • anon

    I work next door to a post office and still can't get my mail at work. They are continually losing mail both at the Germantown, Tennessee location and at the Memphis distribution center on Third Street. Right now, I have a small mailer that has been in an "In Transit" status since March 14, 2017. When I contacted the Post Office next door they told me that until it was scanned again, they could not do anything. They said it could be stuck in a machine or up against the wall in a machine and until that particular machine was used again, they could not find it. She said it was in the "jet way" somewhere. I find this unacceptable. If mail is getting stuck and lost in the machines, why isn't someone being paid to check these everyday for lost or damaged mail? If you decide to help me, my tracking number is 13969006982013043321. If you don't track mail that isn't shown as "not delivered" in your system, and there is no one that is monitoring this or attempting to find it, how is this scanning system really working? There has to be some human concern and/or intervention on the part of customers who have lost mail in your system.

    Mar 29, 2017
  • anon

    Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, this issue falls outside of the jurisdiction of our office. As the Office of Inspector General (OIG), our role is to investigate waste, theft, fraud, and abuse within the Postal Service through our audits and investigations. Please contact the Postal Service Consumer Affairs Office (www.usps.com/help/welcome.htm or 1-800-222-1811) and they will be able to assist you.

    Apr 11, 2017
  • anon

    People paying way too much money to have packages received broken, damaged, late, or not at all. They keep jacking up the cost as the low paid employees not doing their job properly, or just carelessly. Service has really gone down hill with this organization.

    Mar 29, 2017
  • anon

    So has long been assigned to the wrong departments in many plants transportation, ips etc are in charge of sv b scanning, operations does 99% of the scanning but in many cases are involved to t he degree needed mdo's sdo's must drive scanning and be in charge of driving b scanning

    Mar 24, 2017

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