• Project Title:
  • Mail Collection Box - Management of Service Status
  • Start Date:
  • Monday, April 3, 2017
  • Estimated Report Release Date:
  • September 2017

The OIG is planning to assess the Postal Service’s processes for managing out-of-service mail collection boxes in the Great Lakes, Northeast, Pacific, Southern, and Western Areas.

When a collection box is temporarily unable to be collected from, the box can be placed into a Out of Service status until collection services are restored, and it can put back as an Active status again. The temporary Out of Service status is appropriate if collection boxes are damaged and awaiting repair, removed for a parade, or cannot be collected due to unusual circumstances.

Typically, collection boxes should not be placed in an Out of Service status for longer than a week. A collection box placed Out of Service may also indicate the box is being relocated or permanently removed; however, these boxes require public notice to be placed on the box 30 days prior to its relocation or removal.

  • Do you know of Postal Service collection boxes disappearing without public notification?
  • When collection boxes are removed or relocated from their location, is the public adequately notified of the change? 
  • Does the public know the location and collection schedules for other collection points nearby?

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  • anon

    The post office in Berkeley, California, has a policy or practice of removing collection boxes due to construction in the area and then not replacing the boxes in the same or an alternate location unless a customer complains. Boxes with the following location ID numbers were removed from service but have not been reinstalled now that the construction has concluded: 9470400006 and 9470400030. This box was reinstalled only after I complained: 9470400085. This box was reinstalled in a new, less-conspicuous location during the construction after I complained and has not been reinstalled in its original, prominent location now that the construction has ended: 9470400010. This snorkel box at the main post office was removed without public notice: 9470400087. The San Francisco post office removed these two collection boxes, I believe without notice to the public: 9410200078 and 9410200080. One box was very recently reinstalled, after the OIG announced this audit.

    May 08, 2017
  • anon

    The post office collections mail boxes on John and Pearl have locks on them. There was no notification the mail boxes were going to be put out of Service. We are a business located in the area and are constantly using these mail boxes. Why are the mail boxes out of Service?

    May 03, 2017

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