OIG’s Office of Audit makes recommendations to the United States Postal Service to correct deficiencies and encourage improvements in the safety, economy, efficiency, and management of the Department’s programs and operation.

Our audit report findings and conclusions explain the basis for the specific corrective actions we recommend. This Recommendation Dashboard provides more information than ever before about the current status of OIG recommendations, which we plan to update on a weekly basis.

Fiscal Year Report Title Issue Date Report Number Financial Value Status Recommendation Management Responsesort descending
2018 Delivery Charge Codes 01/19/2018 CP-AR-18-002 $0 Open R - 1 -- Reiterate to delivery personnel the importance of charging work hours to appropriate operation numbers and labor distribution codes. Disagree
2018 Surface Visibility Scanning – Capital Metro Area and Capping Report 04/12/2018 NL-AR-18-006 $0 Open R - 4 -- Update Mail Transport Equipment Labeler software to resolve the 24-hour system trip update delay. Disagree
2018 Employee Issues at the Dickinson, North Dakota Post Office 08/10/2018 HR-AR-18-008 $1,920 Open R - 4 -- Develop a strategy, to include management training, to increase employee engagement at the Dickinson Post Office. Disagree
2017 Delayed Mail Validation 08/10/2017 NO-AR-17-011 $0 Open R - 3 -- establish a formal process to integrate data from the Mail History Tracking System and Enterprise Data Warehouse, specifically delayed mail and mail processed after the processing cut-off time, into the Mail Condition Reporting System. Disagree
2018 Inbound International Letter Post Performance and Strategies 07/19/2018 CP-AR-18-005 $0 Open R - 2 -- Evaluate resources to track and analyze Universal Postal Union (UPU)processing scans to identify service standard failures that prevent the Postal Service from meeting UPU service performance targets, and to support the development of strategies to improve service performance. Disagree
2017 Highway Contract Route Irregularity Reporting - Jacksonville Network Distribution Center 09/07/2017 NL-AR-17-010 $0 Open R - 3 -- Amend the Electronic Records Information Management System Postal Service Form 5500, Contract Route Irregularity Report, retention schedule from one-year to match Highway Contract Route contract terms. Disagree
2017 Carrier Leave without Pay for Union Activities 07/05/2017 HR-AR-17-008 $90,682 Open R - 1 -- Adhere to the Postal Service policy to assess operational needs prior to granting or denying leave without pay for union activities and communicate deviations to appropriate Operations and Labor Relations personnel. Disagree
2018 Delivery Charge Codes 01/19/2018 CP-AR-18-002 $0 Open R - 3 -- Revise Postal Service guidance to (1) require delivery managers justify and support all clock ring adjustments, (2) include an appropriate retention period for documenting clock ring adjustments, and (3) establish periodic monitoring of clock ring adjustments to ensure employee work hour changes are accurate, justified, and supported. Disagree
2018 Flats Sequencing System Performance in the Capital Metro Area 07/26/2018 NO-AR-18-008 $0 Open R - 2 -- Determine the operational cost and savings Flats Sequencing System (FSS) currently provides to the Postal Service to fully understand the financial and operational impact of FSS on the Postal Service and customers. Disagree
2017 Management of Overtime in the Northeast Area 09/14/2017 HR-AR-17-014 $308,402,033 Open R - 1 -- Develop an action plan to promote accountability in managing the planned percentage of overtime and planned overtime hours. That action plan should address the contributing factors to overtime, to include but not limited to, unscheduled leave and inactive employees, and assess the effectiveness of management actions related to non-career employee retention and increased package volume growth. Disagree


This Recommendation Dashboard provides information on recommendations that the Postal Service can address without external party action. To view closed recommendations, click here. Also, click here to see recommendations that may require additional action by external parties.

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