The OIG makes recommendations to the United States Postal Service to correct deficiencies and encourage improvements in the safety, economy, efficiency, and management of the Department’s programs and operation.

Our report findings and conclusions explain the basis for the specific corrective actions we recommend. This Recommendation Dashboard provides more information than ever before about the current status of OIG recommendations, which we plan to update on a weekly basis.

Fiscal Year Report Title Issue Date Report Number Financial Valuesort descending Status Recommendation Management Response
2017 Privileged Account Management 04/05/2017 IT-AR-17-003 $0 Open R - 2 -- Develop and continuously maintain a complete and accurate listing of privileged accounts for Postal Service systems. Agree
2019 U.S. Postal Service's Customer Service to Non-English Speaking Customers 11/02/2018 MS-AR-19-001 $0 Open R - 7 -- add other languages to the automated Interactive Voice Response system. Agree
2018 Timecard Adjustments at Facilities in the Greater Boston District 08/01/2018 HR-AR-18-007 $0 Open R - 2 -- The Manager, Greater Boston District, establish a formal oversight process at the district and facility levels to ensure supervisors disallow time, delete clock rings, and extend lunches properly. Disagree
2018 Surface Visibility Scanning – Capital Metro Area and Capping Report 04/12/2018 NL-AR-18-006 $0 Open R - 3 -- Develop procedures to ensure mail container visibility during Mail Transport Equipment Labeler system trip updates. Disagree
2016 PostalOne!-Business Customer Support System Availability 08/10/2016 IT-AR-16-010 $0 Open R - 6 -- Develop a plan to calculate PostalOne!-Business Customer Support System availability in accordance with best practices and include blackout maintenance hours on the daily chief information officer scorecards reported to the Postal Service Executive Leadership Team. Agree
2019 Delayed Mail at the Denver, CO, Processing and Distribution Center 11/21/2018 NO-AR-19-002 $0 Open R - 3 -- Establish a procedure to identify and report late arriving mail. Agree
2018 Electronic Verification System Internal Controls 09/25/2018 MS-AR-18-006 $0 Open R - 2 -- Develop sampling policy to specify how employees select Electronic Verification System packages. Disagree
2018 Postal Vehicle Service Fuel Cost and Consumption Strategies 01/03/2018 NL-AR-18-003 $0 Open R - 1 -- Develop a plan including annual targets to reduce the Postal Vehicle Service fleet’s reliance on petroleum-based fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and increase the use of alternative fuels. Disagree
2017 Insider Threat Program 09/18/2017 IT-AR-17-007 $0 Open R - 3 -- Some or all of the recommendation is not publicly available due to concerns with information protected under the Freedom of Information Act. Agree
2018 Postal Service's Limited Duty and Rehabilitation Programs Return to Work Processes in the Southern and Pacific Areas 03/01/2018 HR-AR-18-003 $0 Open R - 2 -- Assess if the staffing to caseload ratio aligns with requirements established by management Disagree


This Recommendation Dashboard provides information on recommendations that the Postal Service can address without external party action. To view closed recommendations, click here. Also, click here to see recommendations that may require additional action by external parties.

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