The Finance, Pricing & Investments program area consists of the Finance and the Cost, Pricing & Investment directorates.



The Finance Directorate's mission is to promote financial accountability and improve processes within the Postal Service. The Finance Directorate examines the efficiency and effectiveness of the Postal Service in areas of financial controls, financial reporting, financial management and other areas of financial risk to the Postal Service. Finance accomplishes its mission by:

  • Supporting the independent public accountant in their annual financial statements audit.
  • Supporting the independent public accountant in their annual audit of internal controls over financial reporting.
  • Performing performance audits, financial controls audits, and financial-related audits and reviews.



Cost, Pricing & Investment

The Cost, Pricing & Investments Directorate provides value to the Postal Service (PS) and its stakeholders by auditing and reviewing the data collection systems and processes utilized to develop costing, pricing, and service performance measurements. Investments reviews the Postal Service's capital investments and capital management processes through:

  • Audits of selected PS major capital investments of $5 million or more that generally focus on functionality and deployment.
  • Audits of specific Delivering Results, Innovation, Value, and Efficiency (DRIVE) project management initiatives.
  • Reviews of Decision Analysis Reports (DAR) of $5 million or more to determine whether the business case supports the PS's strategic objectives, is reasonable, and in the best business interest of the PS.
  • Responding to requests from Congress and the Board of Governors concerning PS investments.

Audit Directorates