The U.S. Postal Service spends about $12 billion annually for goods, transportation, and facilities-related services and operates more than 36,000 facilities on more than 1,780 million square feet of land. Postal Service officials seek to provide strategically aligned leadership to their suppliers and operate postal facilities at the lowest possible cost.

The Supply Management and Facilities Directorate seeks to work in partnership with Postal Service management and the OIG to determine whether supply chain management and facilities costs are being effectively and efficiently controlled by current purchasing policies, initiatives, and practices. To that end, the Supply Management and Facilities Directorate plans and directs audits and reviews of purchasing, contracting, supply management, and facilities programs. This work assists the Postal Service with increasing operational efficiency through standardization and process improvement and with enhancing and carrying out its corporate financial responsibilities. In addition, the OIG oversees audits of Postal Service contracts and suppliers’ financial systems conducted by the Defense Contract Audit Agency and the Defense Contract Management Agency.