In a recent blog, we noted how we organize our work. Our blogs tend to feature our audit work because it allows us to seek input and feedback that can shape ongoing or future work.

That doesn’t mean it’s quiet in the Office of Investigations. In fact, there’s always a lot going on there. Our investigative work is organized around a handful of areas: mail theft, financial fraud, contract fraud, health care fraud, and narcotics.

The efforts of OIG special agents, who investigate these crimes and frauds against the Postal Service, contribute to safeguarding revenue and assets and deterring postal crimes.

If you are a regular visitor to our website, you’ve undoubtedly seen updates lately on health care fraud cases, which includes both claimant fraud and provider fraud. The financial impact from workers’ compensation fraud cases is so significant, it warrants a lot of attention.

Over the past few weeks, cases in which we have played a major role have been settled or resulted in conviction of providers for illegal kickbacks, or claimants that fraudulently claimed federal disability benefits.

In fact, please visit our document library to see all news releases on cases in which we were involved.

The impact of our investigative work includes:

  • Prosecution of employees and contractors who commit crimes
  • Discipline of employees by the agency based on reports of investigation
  • Recovery of funds obtained fraudulently

As always, if you see something, say something. Our hotline is one short mouse click away. Click on the red box at the top of this blog page.

We welcome your comments related to the topic on this page. Complaints about the Postal Service, including lost, stolen or mishandled mail, that are unrelated to the content on this page, will not be posted. Please visit the Contact Us page for information on where to file formal complaints with our agency or the Postal Service.

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