The U.S. Postal Service developed the gopost® parcel delivery locker concept to offer customers an easy, convenient, and secure delivery option. The parcel delivery locker pilot was implemented in February 2012, providing customers with a free alternative to use 24 hours a day for parcel shipment and receipt.

Traditionally, when a parcel does not fit into a customer’s mailbox, a letter carrier will attempt to deliver it to the customer’s door. The carrier will leave the parcel in a protected location, follow the mailer/addressee’s delivery instructions, attempt a second delivery, or leave a delivery notice instructing the customer to pick up the parcel at the Post Office™. With a gopost parcel delivery locker, however, a registered customer uses a uniquely issued gopost card and personal identification number to ship and receive parcels. Customers can also receive shipping and receiving notifications through email or text.

Office of Inspector General auditors assessed the Postal Service’s parcel delivery locker pilot. We determined the parcel locker concept will increase the Postal Service’s parcel readiness efforts as future online retail growth continues. It will also expand available parcel delivery and shipment options for customers, and give the Postal Service a marketing edge over competitors that do not offer secure parcel locker service.

We identified areas of concern involving the gopost registration process, site location criteria, volume targets, and number of parcel pick-up days allowed. The pilot results do not contain strategies implemented internationally for similar locker systems. Exploring greater possibilities with parcel lockers could allow the Postal Service to evaluate additional revenue generating and cost-sharing arrangements and give them a more informed basis for implementing gopost on a broader scale.

As Americans do more of their shopping online, the growth in packages is expected to rise. Where do you receive your packages from the Post Office? Would you use a gopost locker? Let us know on our blog.

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