The Retail, Delivery & Marketing program area consists of three directorates: Retail, Marketing & International; Marketing Initiatives; and Delivery.

Retail, Marketing & International

The Retail, Marketing & International Directorate is responsible for reviewing the Postal Service's retail, sales, marketing, international and domestic product, business mail, and post office operations initiatives, as well as the services it provides to customers and the country. It audits activities under the deputy postmaster general, including consumer and industry affairs, corporate communications, government relations and public policy, and vice presidents for international and domestic products, sales, marketing, business mail, retail, and post office operations.



The Delivery Operations Directorate’s mission is to plan and conduct objective, independent audits, reviews, management alerts, and management advisories for issuance to U.S. Postal Service management. The directorate also issues Performance Analysis Risk Indicator System (PARIS) Risk Model reports to the Postal Service. Our reports focus on the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of the Postal Service's delivery and vehicle operations to reduce costs and improve service. 


Marketing Initiatives

The Marketing Initiatives Directorate is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of the Postal Service’s role in the marketing industry, such as identifying barriers to using direct mail as a marketing medium. It also assesses how partnerships, emerging technologies, and new communications channels could enhance the use of advertising mail.

Audit Directorates