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04/24/2017 Fuel Consumption and Cost Risk Mitigation Audit Reports NL-AR-17-004 Cost & Pricing
04/20/2017 Delivery and Customer Service Operations – Bronx, NY Audit Reports DR-AR-17-004 Customer Service
04/17/2017 Kaizen Event Review: FY 2016 Atlanta Processing & Distribution Center Surface Visibility Scanning Audit Reports NL-AR-17-003 Delivery / Mail Processing
04/07/2017 System Vulnerability Assessment Audit Reports IT-AR-17-004 Technology
04/06/2017 Internal Controls Over Segmented Inventory – Mount Greenwood Station, Chicago, IL Audit Reports FT-FM-17-016 Finance
04/06/2017 Timeliness of Mail Processing at the Santa Clarita, CA, Processing and Distribution Center Audit Reports NO-AR-17-007 Facilities
04/05/2017 Privileged Account Management Audit Reports IT-AR-17-003 Security
04/03/2017 Function 4 Efficiency in the Greater Boston District Audit Reports MS-AR-17-005 Customer Service
04/03/2017 Response to Extreme Weather Events — Southern Area Audit Reports DR-AR-17-003 Delivery / Mail Processing
03/29/2017 Information Technology Continuity of Operations Plans Audit Reports IT-AR-17-002 Technology
03/27/2017 Internal Controls Over Single Drawer Accountability – Lacona, IA, Post Office Audit Reports FT-FM-17-015 Finance
03/27/2017 Fleet Specialty Credit Cards – Eastern Area Audit Reports DR-AR-17-002 Retail, Sales & Marketing
03/24/2017 Internal Controls Over Single Drawer Accountability – [Redacted] Post Office Audit Reports FT-FM-17-014 Finance
03/22/2017 Cost Segment 3 – Clerks and Mail Handlers Audit Reports CP-AR-17-007 Cost & Pricing
03/21/2017 Internal Controls Over Postage Label Refunds – Quartz Hill Contract Postal Unit, Lancaster, CA Audit Reports FT-FM-17-013 Finance


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