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09/07/2017 Highway Contract Route Irregularity Reporting – Jacksonville Network Distribution Center Audit Reports NL-AR-17-010 Transportation / Vehicles
09/07/2017 Supervisory Span of Control – Southern Area Audit Reports DR-AR-17-008 Delivery / Mail Processing
09/07/2017 Application Programming Interface Strategy Audit Reports IT-AR-17-006 Technology
09/07/2017 Delayed Inbound International Mail Audit Reports MS-AR-17-009 International Services
09/06/2017 Internal Controls Over Post Office Postage Meter Use ― Canton Center, CT, Post Office Audit Reports FT-FM-17-027 Finance
09/06/2017 Oversight of Contracting Officer Authority Audit Reports SM-AR-17-008 Contracting
09/06/2017 Facility Condition Reviews ― Pacific Area Audit Reports SM-AR-17-007 Facilities
09/05/2017 Surface Visibility Scanning ― Western Area Audit Reports NL-AR-17-009 Transportation / Vehicles
08/30/2017 City Carriers Returning After 6 P.M. ― Bay Valley District Audit Reports DR-AR-17-007 Delivery / Mail Processing
08/29/2017 Internal Controls Over Stamp Stock Shipments ― Woodbury, MN, Post Office Audit Reports FT-FM-17-026 Finance
08/29/2017 Transportation Cost System ― Air Audit Reports CP-AR-17-009 Transportation / Vehicles
08/28/2017 Internal Controls Over Stamp Stock Shipments ― Rosemeade Station, Carrollton, TX Audit Reports FT-FM-17-025 Finance
08/24/2017 Unscheduled Leave in the Baltimore District Audit Reports HR-AR-17-012 Human Resources
08/23/2017 Field Material Handling Projects Audit Reports NO-AR-17-012 Delivery / Mail Processing
08/17/2017 Unscheduled Leave in the Triboro District Audit Reports HR-AR-17-011 Human Resources


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