Approximate date you filed your complaint

Thank you for filing a complaint with the USPS OIG. After you filed your complaint, you should have received an email confirming receipt. You will not receive an update on your complaint unless we need additional information from you to aid our investigation. This is to protect the privacy of those involved and integrity of our investigation. Your complaint was filed Less than 60 days ago. Due to the nature of our investigations, we request you wait at least sixty days before filing a request for information on your case.

Thank you for filing a complaint with the USPS OIG. As explained in the confirmation you received from us, unless we contact you directly, you will receive no further communication from our office. However, to receive information regarding your complaint you must verify your identity and submit a FOIA request. …. information related to a background investigation Limited to Law Enforcement Agencies (Link to new page with information (need text from FOIA) Plus We will only search for investigative records located in our Office of Investigations database. We will not search for any records related to job performance or personnel records.